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Title: Alpari Reviews and Comments 2020.
Post by: Alpari on Apr 15, 2020, 06:45 pm
Alpari ( Reviews and Comments 2020.
I am in Iran. I've been working with Alpari ( since 2010. Really great. I advise everyone to work with Alpari ( even in high numbers without any problems. Thank you Alpari ( for the good service.
sasan 8 December, 2019 Reply.
I've been working with Alpari ( for 10 years. Great in every way. If someone leaves, it's not a problem for Alpari (
mahdi 8 December, 2019 Reply.
I just had my first bitcoin deposit with Alpari ( and the experience was awful, after sending bitcoin there is no track of your transaction in their dashboard, contact their customer support is useless, I'll update this, but until a valid response, stay away!
Emad 2 December, 2019 Reply.
Now that we are all stuck with Alpari ( India which is illegal, we have to find out a way to make our accounts operational, If any one has any idea comming up in their mind, please share it with me. Thank you.
Sudhakaran 9 October, 2019 Reply.
I have been trading with Alpari ( since 2016. Their news page is very helpful. Their recommendations are perfect on non volatility days but not on heavy news days. We will be safe if we are out of trading during those days. They give such hint. But as for their requotes during volatality time it is horrible. We cannot close our trade as we desire because of requotes. It appears that they purposely make the server slow. So we lose all our money during such times. I lost 10000USD that way in 4years. Nut now I have learnt to make consistent profit by trading with 100USD deposit and keeping away from trading during high volatality times and US opening time. I think that each trader should study one or two pairs deeply and trade them only all the time. It is not profitable to trade all pairs. I trade only EURUSD and XAUUSD only. I made a study of them. Alpari ( provides good guidance for only a few pairs regularly. EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD are among them. Almost in every trading session we can get forecast about them. At least 50% of their recommendations hit the target. We can escape from loss through hedging at other times. The only bad thing about them is requotes and non execution of ordets at peak hours. I find many complaints on them about withdrawals from 2019. So I am afraid of opening a live account with them now. If anyone has any information regarding this please help me.
Sathya 16 September, 2019 Reply.
You know, I didn't think that it is so convenient to trade through a mobile phone. I once read that it was inconvenient and somehow it settled in my head. Until it came to the point that it was necessary to use this application. Alpari ( organized a very convenient application, there is nothing incomprehensible, everything is simple. Now you can also spend productive time on the trip.
GeneRod 10 September, 2019 Reply.
Pls inform me if you get your withdrawal successfully. I want to start my real trading with Alpari ( again after one year of demo trading. I lost 10000USD so far in trading. But now Alpari ( is closed in India and I find negative reports on them on the internet. I want know if Alpari ( is genuine as in the past.
Sathya 16 September, 2019.
Alpari ( is a company that gives opportunities. I can't say that trading was my best decision in my life, but it is definitely on the list of the best. Definitely thanks to Alpari ( for the fact that my life has changed dramatically since I opened a trading account with Alpari ( In the process of trading there are many nice additions to the work, namely trading signals from FxWirePro, and the opportunity to learn trading for free. And this is just the top of the list. Where else can you see so many free services from one broker?
Title: Re: Alpari Reviews and Comments 2020.
Post by: Alpari on Apr 15, 2020, 06:45 pm

Marge 25 July, 2019 Reply.
The myth that you need fabulous money to make money on Forex is beneficial, first of all, to the owners of PAMM accounts. They convince novice traders to invest in their investments, while profitable Forex trading is possible on their own. For this you need a reliable broker who will help you earn quickly. Among those companies that I know, Alpari ( is leading in all respects. Here you can get real money from the initial deposit of $ 100. Although I am of the opinion that you should not save on transactions, you will still be a plus.
Carlo 10 July, 2019 Reply.
Alpari ( is not just normal, it's kind of top broker. I have been trading with this broker for many years, I get quite a substantial income. I did not become rich, but my money really works. When I started, I didn't understand anything about it at all, but no one was splitting me for money or trying to impose something difficult or unprofitable. On the contrary, the financial adviser has always helped and explained, even discouraged from something too risky. In addition, they constantly have some kind of training courses, paid, free, according to the action. In general, a serious broker.
Nikolai 17 June, 2019 Reply.
Depositing of funds and withdrawal are done without delay in Alpari (, which pleases me quite a lot. I even received some compensation for depositing in the amount of 50 dollars and did not understand why, but I was pleased nevertheless. The support answers on the site quickly, competently and clearly. First I deposited for PAMM accounts, but now I decided to trade on demo account myself, I want to try cent or regular. I did not try on the real one, so I can not say anything about it yet. In short, I'm waiting for some promo or bonus for opening a real trading account. Meanwhile, I'll continue to trade on a demo.
Chris 27 May, 2019 Reply.
I can't believe how terrible people have become in the world, how can a broker call me up and make me believe that I was investing into something genuine, in a couple of months I had been fleeced out of my life savings, till this day havent even been able to get fully back on my feet. Having taken my time to do some research would like to speak with other people who have been through similar experience, together without a doubt I am sure with likeminded minds we can all get our money back.
Michael Hutchinson 9 May, 2019 Reply.
I too lost 4000usd in this trade between 2015and 2018.but now through demo trading I am able to learn trading. I am going to start live trading again. I have always been with Alpari ( But now it is closed in India. I don't want to know if I can trade with them still. Can anyone guide me in this matter?
Satyalakshmi 18 June, 2019.
Currently facing tough time with withdrawal of money from Alpari ( Have being trying since last 3 weeks unsuccessfully. Still continuing the attempt.
Rupesh 18 April, 2019 Reply.
I think still withdraw is not issue. Last week i withdraw some amount from my trading account.
prakash Gaikwad 9 May, 2019.
Facing issues with withdrawal. Till now have made 5 attempts.still making attempt to withdraw my balance money.
Rupesh 18 April, 2019 Reply.
Why Alpari ( removed withdrawn option from website, we invested our hard money and they cheated with us, when Alpari ( problem will solved.
amol bire 2 March, 2019 Reply.
I am trading with Alpari ( Since last 10 months. Never faced an issue like they hold graph on MT4 or manipulating price. But here, Alpari ( India is facing some legal issues as forex trading is illegal in India especially when you trade foreign currency pair (eg. GBP/USD trading this pair is illegal means you can't trade foreign currency pair from India you are only allow to trade those currency pair which have INR as a base eg. GBP/INR ). and they don't have a license to run a business. After no communication since last 15 days, after searching a lot on google, I found this news about illegal foreign exchange trading call centre at Andheri being. I am feeling sad and lost as I have invested huge money. I have invested huge money but don't know how to withdrawn money because we cant deposit money directly to our Indian bank account (PS - My account still ok and not facing any issue but your hard earn money matter a lot. if you get any idea about a withdrawal please comment here.
Sachin 31 January, 2019 Reply.
via neteller you can withdraw.
sdh 12 February, 2019.
Alpari ( in India is in serious trouble and they have removed Skrill & Neteller (Withdrawal Platform) from there website for Indian customers. so me and my friends are stuck. They (Alpari ( are scammers. My sincere request to all not to trade with Alpari (
Genuine 29 January, 2019 Reply.
I have been trading with Alpari ( for a long time (from 2008). I'm very satisfied with their services. The order execution is so fast. With withdrawal I have no problem. So I'm going to stay with Alpari ( in the future.
AidasG 26 January, 2019 Reply.
Alpari ( india not accepting money . Alpari ( manager told some problem in India's server since last 10 days. Please guide.
Gupta dilip 26 January, 2019 Reply.
Alpari ( Alpari ( I was waiting for the money (two years). No one communicated. Nobody wrote anything. It was not possible to get the money deposited. The account was active all the time! Dangerous company (probably burglars)! Let everyone know of dangerous behavior. They are different - serious.
Roman Karpe 28 March, 2018 Reply.
Alpari ( is good for a beginner trader and is very bad for a professional. Generally good for 95% of beginners.
Bfc 22 February, 2018 Reply.
I traded for the Alpari (, a couple of months I liked the low spread easy withdrawal of money, then I lost I sit waiting and I think that the market is not my job. All luck. Alpari ( really liked it.
Weter474 24 December, 2017 Reply.
Hi, Friends, I am Sumit From India, I am trading with Alpari ( from last 6 months but I have not withdrawn from Alpari ( to India can anyone guide me to trade with Alpari ( Is it really genuine withdrawn to India and can we work long term with Alpari ( from india.
Sumit 12 November, 2017 Reply.
HI Sumit. Are you successful with Alpari ( Do you like it? Do you trade yourself or manager does for you?
Betty 31 May, 2018.
I would not recommend Alpari ( even to my enemies. It's always something wrong with this company. The company tries to lie about withdrawals and time frames without serious reasons. I have also lost some amount of money on their pamms. Do not loose your money my friends.
futurefame 22 September, 2017 Reply.
If you are losing money in Pamm or in trading what is the fault of broker. No one is giving you guarantee in forex market. Don"t post nonsense things.
Mahee 28 September, 2017.
I would not suggest this to trade through Alpari ( except cases when you sure 100% in your robust TS. Myself and a lot of my colleagues have lost decent amount of capital via PAMM services they offer. The bottom line is not to invest into multiple pamm accounts so you can avoid losing control of all trades that happen on account. Opening multiple trades in same pair at same time is a huge mistake. Broker doesn't properly handle transactions in this situation. However not all managers lose money so you can find good one which you can invest in. Or at least use your own trading style as I mentioned above. Good trend!
Daisy Sigler 29 December, 2016 Reply.
Alpari ( is regarded as the largest MT broker. It is 17 years on the FX market. It is popular and reliable being PAMM service creator. In other words it is almost a legend. And I am here being proud to prove its efficiency. Here I am involved in binary options trading which allows me to earn up to 100 % in no time. There is no demand of minimum deposit here and they do not take any commissions. I am making a forecast as to a rate of chosen currency pair selecting one variant from "up" and "down" and get my money or lose it sometimes. Various validity periods for options are available here. It is fast and simple. Sometimes it takes me only half a minute to make profit. And there are options with low cost even beginning from $1. I haven't seen hidden commissions with this broker. I like it.
Michael76 28 June, 2016 Reply.
Making profit up to 100%? Are you sure they take no commission? What would be the minimum investment for one to earn up to a 100% return?
Gautam Paul 10 January, 2019.
Started trading with them recently. The promised conditions are fabulous but when it comes to facts the sad reality discovers itself. First of all - requotes, they are unbearable. The withdrawal is unnecessarily long, especially when it concerns large sums. And spread can widen much more then they allege it to be.
Serge 12 March, 2016 Reply.
I have been trading with Alpari ( for a long time. All in all I am satisfied with their services. The order execution is fast. The withdrawal is not fast enough but they withdraw always nevertheless. So I'm going to stay with them in the nearest future.
Martin 21 October, 2015 Reply.
Trading terminal stabe work and a trader's experience are just half of the matter in profitable trading. The other half is the absence of slippages and requotes. And unfortunately I've experienced both of them at Aplari's. Lost cause of that quite a round part of the depo.
Andrew 29 August, 2015 Reply.
There's a great customer support in Alpari (, one of the most effective I've ever encountered. I address them from time to time with my issues and problems and they always solve them in less than no time. What I like especially is the variety of depositing and withdrawal methods, many of them are without commisiion fees.
Michael 4 August, 2015 Reply.
I am Chinese trader in UK. At the beginning of my trading career,imade a desicion to chose Alpari ( between Alpari ( and PFG(US) although i though PFG might be better than Alpari ( cause there was lots of money in Seg Account in PFG according to CFTC monthly report. I want to tell you guys Alpari ( is good, at least better than many brokers. Somebody's speech is so naive,Do u understand FOREX?
trader 10 June, 2013 Reply.
In this section traders share their views and impressions of Alpari ( Limited performance; they leave reviews of any kind and attitude, which are available for any site visitor. Estimates of Alpari ( Limited will let you understand whether there are many other traders who share your opinion or not, and if they are satisfied with the provided services and quality of trade execution.
In case you disagree with the published reviews, you can post your arguments in favor of the company, or, on the contrary, object to the broker's zealous supporters.
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Such information can only be found on the sites where visitors give vent to their emotions and sincerely describe their trading experience with a certain broker.
We hope that reviews about Alpari ( Limited will help you decide in favor of an appropriate broker and that this information will be useful in your trading career. Please keep in mind that personal opinions should not be taken as an all-inclusive indicator; however, it makes sense to keep them in mind when forming a decision. Before opening a forex account do some serious thinking and certainly take note of the other traders' arguments.
Alpari ( is one of largest and most experienced forex brands in the world. With its dynamic new broker Alpari ( International, you're trading with a global broker that is second to none. The brand has over 2 million clients in the world, operates from 8 different countries and offers its services.

Title: Re: Alpari Reviews and Comments 2020.
Post by: Alpari on Apr 15, 2020, 06:46 pm
Alpari ( (.com, .ru) Review Visit site.
About Alpari ( (.com, .ru)
Alpari ( is a forex broker. Alpari ( offers the MT4, MT5 and Binary Trader trading currency platforms. Alpari ( offers over 45 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, binary option, stocks index, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.
Information Live Discussion Video 13 Widgets More .
Broker Details.
Minimum Trade Size: 0.01.
Maximum Leverage: 1000:1.
Minimum to Open Live: $20.
Established: 1998 Address: Cedar Hill Crest, Villa, Kingstown, VC0100, Saint Vincent And Grenadines Contact: [email protected] (, +44 8449 869559 Regional offices: Regulators: SVGFSA #20389 IBC 2012 Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5 Web Trading: Yes Mobile Trading: Yes ECN: Yes Currencies: (45+) Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum CFD: (10+) Gold, Silver, Stock Indexes, Oil.
EAs/Robots: Yes News Spike Trading: Yes Scalping: Yes PAMM: Yes.
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, BitPay, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney.
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire, MasterCard, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney.
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Consumer Reviews.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: over 1 Year.
Fraud in Alpari ( fix_contracts.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: over 1 Year.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: 0-3 Months.
I have been working out to withdraw my money with them. I sent them the screenshot of my card as they requested but my card doesn't show my name because that card came from an online wallet called PAYMAYA. It works like a Skrill but they offer debit card so you can use it on you online purchases. I told them many times that the card they've sent me doesn't have any name on it so I tried to with MY MONEY, TAKE NOTE IT'S MY MONEY using my Skrill but they said I have to withdraw it using my card because that's what I used on my initial deposit.
They are insisting that I should use my debit card. They requested a bank statement but I told IT'S NOT A BANK IT'S AN ONLINE WALLET THAT OFFERS DEBIT CARD HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES!
So they are not allowing me to withdraw my money using other methods which is very inconvenient for me to the fact that IT'S MY MONEY. We're on quarantine because of what's happening and I need that money.
I can't even contact the ONLINE WALLET COMPANY, PAYMAYA due tot he fact that they are down because of the quarantine.
Now my money is stuck in there and the only way for me to get it back is providing them the information that I can't even get.
It's very very very very inconvenient that they are not giving me MY MONEY using other method to the fact that all my information is verified.
I even sent them an email with a screenshot of the app PAYMAYA which it has my info in there the transaction was there and they still reject it.
What should I do that's how PAYMAYA gave me the card, it doesn't have my name on it. It's an online wallet it works like a SKRILL it's not a bank.
I don't know what to do now.
Totally scam and the chart is stop near sl.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: 0-3 Months.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: 0-3 Months.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: over 1 Year.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: 0-3 Months.
Hello Will fx! Kindly contact our support specialists at https://www.Alpari ( specifying the number of your trading account and the order. The specialists will see into your case and provide you with an answer on the situation.
FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Hello Alpari ( Rep, If you are logged in and look above the review text, you should be able to see where Will fx provided an account number.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: 0-3 Months.
I'm gonna update my earlier review, I will confirm that my bitcoin deposit funded to my account, however, the communication and customer service response could be better, Live chat support was not helpful at all and emails replied late, especially for cases like me that after I send my bitcoin I didn't get any kind of email/receipt neither any kind of PENDING order in dashboard, it was like I send my bitcoin to their wallet and 24 hours silence from their support, no receipt email or pending order created.
Dec 2, 2019 - 2 Stars Possible scam, I will update this post if I get an acceptable response from this broker, so this is what happens:
I just had my first bitcoin deposit with this #forex #broker #Alpari ( and the experience was awful, after sending the #bitcoin there is no track of your transaction in their dashboard, I contact their customer service, useless, they keep saying we delivered your request to relative department, it feels like the agent is a robot/bot. my bitcoin transaction has already 13 confirmations on blockchain network, that means the fund received in their wallet and it's available, here is my transaction info :
But when you go to Alpari ( deposit section, it says: You didn't make any transfers yet.
I hope I get my money asap, I keep this as 2 stars, for now, if they process my deposit shortly, will change the rating, and if I don't get my money in a few days, I will report this as a SCAM.
Reply by Alpari ( submitted Dec 4, 2019 Hello Emilvr! Please send us your myAlpari account number to our e-mail [email protected] ( We will check the information and provide you with the public answer.
FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Hello Alpari ( Representative. If you look at this review while logged in, you should be able to view this client's account number. It begins with 8 and ends with 6.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: over 1 Year.
Service use: Live.
Length of use: over 1 Year.
I would like to draw attention to the false information provided by Alpari ( in this review. You could verify quotes I used by using the official answer from the company just below.
1. "The Company is registered in the territory of a foreign country, and has never had any branches or representative offices in the territory of the Russian Federation and has not obtained the related license of the professional securities market participant"
After revoking the license, the broker claims that he never had representative offices in Russia, as well as licenses from the central bank. However, a saved copy of the company's website for 2017 contains other information. I leave a translation of the Russian website of the company and a link where you can check the information.
The Company History.
2001 November The first Alpari ( office in Moscow opens.
2003 February Alpari ('s office in St. Petersburg opens.
2016 (II) November Alpari ( get a license from the Central Bank of Russia, which reaffirming status as one of the country's most reliable brokers.
The company's website in 2017 also mentioned the office at Raketnii bul'var 16 in Moscow, which continues to operate despite the revocation of the company's license in Russia. This information can be checked in Google. The company also did not provide me with clarifications on this issue.
I suggested that the company contact the central bank or regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation if someone continues to operate in Russia using their name. Although how can you complain about your own semi-illegal activity, especially if legal entities are managed by the same CEO (Andrey Dashin), right?
For me, as a client, such an outright lie on the part of the company causes distrust of the company as a whole.
Sep 22, 2019 - 1 Star This review will be useful for those who already work with Alpari ( in different countries, and for those who are at the stage of choosing a broker.
I used the services of the company until the revocation of their license to carry out activities in the Russian Federation by the central bank. After that, I repeatedly turned to the company with a request to provide documents that would confirm the right to continue activities in the territory of this country. I did not receive a reply to any letter.
The legal entity whose license to operate in the Russian Federation was revoked continues to operate under a different name (TIN 9717003523). The Alpari ( brand operates in different countries under different legal entities, but the ultimate owner of all organizations is Andrey Dashin, who is the founder of the company.
When choosing a company to work with, it is important to check the country of registration, and the availability of a permit to work on the securities market in your country. Since the end of 2018, Master Card and Visa payment systems have tightened requirements for brokers with offshore registration. Now, they can request documents confirming the right of the company to work in your country. I did not receive a response from Alpari ( regarding the availability of such documents.
If you work with Alpari ( from Russia, then one day, you may run into the problem of accessing the company's website. This issue is being discussed now in the central bank, to suppress the activities of brokerage companies without a license in the Russian Federation.
These are the main questions I want answered from the company: 1. Under what license does the company continue to operate in Russia? 2. Comment on your relationship with the payment systems MasterCard and Visa. Do you have the necessary documents confirming the right to work in each region of the company's presence?
For existing company clients from other countries, I would recommend contacting a support service in your country so that you can also be provided with the necessary documents confirming the company's right to carry out activities in your country. After all, if you have an issue, as in the case of the bankruptcy of a branch in the UK, or the termination of Alparis activities in Canada, a local court will not always be able to help resolve the conflict.
I duplicated this review in two languages, on sites where company representatives are present.
Reply by Alpari ( submitted Sep 28, 2019 Good afternoon!
The brand Alpari ( is presented in many jurisdictions of the world and provides its services in full compliance with the international standards and the requirements of the current legislation of the countries of presence, including compliance procedures for all counterparties with which the brand has a contractual relationship.
You have accepted a Client Agreement with one of the brand's companies - Alpari ( Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Company), on the website: www.Alpari ( (hereinafter referred to as the website), that is registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. The following documents are an integral part of the Client Agreement: Risk Disclosure, Terms of Business for STANDARD and NANO Accounts, Terms of Business for ECN and PRO.ECN Accounts, Regulations for Non-Trading Operations and any other applicable documents uploaded in the subsection «Regulatory Documents and Agreements». Funds deposit to/withdrawal from procedures, including MasterCard/VISA bank cards are described both in Regulatory Documents and on the website. By accepting the documents, you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of Сlient Agreement and methods of settlement of transactions.
Regarding the essence of Your appeal, we can explain the following:
• In the Company, along with Regulatory Documents, has been developed and approved the internal policies applicable to bank card transactions of international payment systems, including AML and KYC policies and is kept monitoring all payments to prevent fraud or violation of the law, both by the Company and by the client;
The Company is a member of the Financial Commission (, an international organization for handle of trade disputes on financial markets;
• The Company, being a financial market organization, registered in the Saint Vincent and Grenadines, has relevant legal opinions from various legal service providers on compliance of the offered service (s) with the legislation of the country of registration. At the same time, the legislation of the country of registration of the Company does not prohibit to enter into transactions on financial markets with non-residents and there is no direct prohibition for citizens of the Russian Federation to open accounts (to conclude any contracts) with banks or organizations of the financial market located outside of the Russian Federation, which is confirmed by the introduction of a new term in the currency legislation of the Russian Federation as "another organization of the financial market." The above-mentioned opinions are provided directly to counterparties, including international payment systems MasterCard/VISA, upon completion of all necessary compliance procedures and KYC.
As was previously reported, the Company is registered in the territory of a foreign country , and has never had any branches or representative offices in the territory of the Russian Federation and has not obtained the related license of the professional securities market participant, in accordance with the №39-FL "On the securities market». A citizen of the Russian Federation has a right to use the services of the professional securities market participants located in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, including the right to make payments to foreign banks or brokers where he has an account.
On analysis that we made under Your case, the Company declares the following: You independently initiated the corresponding operations within use of Company's services according to Regulations for Trade and Non-Trading Operations, including use of all interface of a personal account that is not denied by Your message. In a case of disagreement with operations made by You, You have a right to make a claim through MyAlpari to the Company, for its further consideration, including to use the right of the appeal to the Financial commission.